I am a soul-searching, dream-chasing, nature-loving TRAVEL photographer - who specializes in high school seniors and their families!

Over the past 10 years, I have built a thriving studio in Howell, MI. But the hippy-at-heart, hair always in a messy bun, veggie eating, animal loving, wishing I was a west-coast girl part of me has been searching for more than where these roots have planted me. And so, with my husband and our three cats, I bought a bus in 2018 to call home. Yes, like a school bus, that we converted into a super cute house on wheels. We sold our house, closed my studio and hit the road. By the end of 2019, we started traveling full time! You can catch me all over the US, so contact me to plan a destination shoot! 

I am happy in the unconventional. I will talk your ear off about organic food and saving the planet and how much I recycle. I may even gift you a crystal for good energy! Part of detaching yourself from the roots you have allows you to meet new people and learn their stories; to become part of their lives. And I love being able to tell part of your story, with an image.

I want to be your best friend for a few hours. I want to walk around a city with you and talk about music. I want to sit in the middle of a huge field with you and dream about life after high school. I want to ask you to awkwardly giggle and twirl for the cutest photo your mom will cry about every time she looks at it. I want to simply be in a moment with you being who you are. And I want you to feel comfortable knowing I get it.

I get that life right now is crazy and it's scary and it's hard. I get that high school isn't always easy with broken hearts and mean girls and trying to decide what is best for your entire future when you are only 17. I want to be a positive moment in your life (and longer if you wanna be BFFs on IG)! I want to be someone you know will send you every uplifting meme I can find when you need it. I want to be someone who sends you cards with unicorns on them in the mail just because no one really sends mail anymore and it's kind of cool when someone does. And it has a unicorn on it. I want to be someone who captures part of who you are authentically, without trying. Because that is who I am as a person and it overflows into my business open-heartedly. (this may or may not be a real word) I am more than a photographer, which allows you to be more than just some pretty face in front of my camera.

I am simply a girl, so lost in the moments of life, that I want to help you become just as happily lost in your moment of life. And I want that girl to SHINE.


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