Over the past 10 years, I have built a thriving studio in Michigan. But the hippy-at-heart, hair always in a messy bun, veggie eating, animal loving, wishing I was a west-coast girl part of me has been searching for more than where these roots have planted me. And so, with my husband and our three cats, I bought a bus in 2018 to call home. Yes, like a school bus, that we converted into a super cute house on wheels. We sold our house, closed my studio and hit the road. By the end of 2019, we started traveling full time! You can catch me all over the US, so contact me to plan a destination shoot! 

Trading out a beautiful home and successful studio to live life on the road might seem crazy to some, but you have this one, short life to live and I believe in living it. I believe in waking up each morning excited to just be alive and I am blessed to call something I love a career - no matter where I live. Being able to travel to my clients and experience new locations makes a career like this even more memorable. 

Once we've picked a date and give each other a virtual hug because you want to hire me, I will email you an online contract to sign and book your session date. Two weeks before your session, I will email you a digital magazine that walks you through every step of working with me - what to expect, how to prepare and even a what to wear guide!

About 2 weeks after your session, you will be snail-mailed a super fancy, looks-like-a-perfume-bottle, rose gold flash drive of your images with a print release. I also offer in-home product ordering for free if you would like to order professional products in addition through me! 

I walk you through every step of your experience with me. Start to finish, I'll be like your big sis for a few months, funny memes included. Also, some pretty nice photos.

My Sessions are all inclusive - you get the session you want and the number of digital images you want, with a quick turn around! Let me know if you are interested in professional hair & makeup and I will connect you with additional pampering!

LITE Session:

  • This session is 1 hour shooting time with 2 wardrobe changes and 25 digital images on flash drive - $1,875.00

LUXE Session:

  • This session is 2 hours shooting time with 4 wardrobe changes and 45 digital images on flash drive - $2,625.00 

VIDEO Session:

  • This session is 3 hours shooting time with 6 wardrobe changes and 65 digital images on flash dive + senior video - $3,775.00

Travel expenses may be additional.