When I started my business in 2010, and I knew I wanted to specialize in high school portraits, a friend of mine volunteered her sister to be my very first model. (thank you friend) This younger sister, who I still catch up over lunch with today, represented me my first year as a "real photographer" and spoke about me so positively that my business grew even after I moved to a new city. It was first a REP Program (with 4-6 girls) - I loved the idea offering an experience to a few girls that they hadn't had before - spoiled with professional hair and makeup and a custom shoot just for themselves. This wasn't being done by other photographers at the time - I created something new for teens in Michigan. It then grew into a SPOKESMODEL Program (with 15-28 girls) - I loved the idea of a girl-gang and introducing girls from many different schools to each other to form new friendships. We got together for fun shoots, girl days and celebrated at holidays. At my core, I love the idea of a sister-hood - real women fixing other women's crowns. 

And each year, I would receive over 100 applications from girls wanting to be part of this idea too! But with only being able to take a limited number of students, I was turning away so many girls that wanted to be part of something special. And that doesn't feel good. That doesn't feel like what I wanted to be as a business or who I wanted to be as a person. Every year my program changes and becomes something new. And for 2019, it will become something new again. 

I don't like the idea of what exclusive has become in society today. Or how that has started to make girls/women feel. I don't want girls to feel they are not good enough. Or pretty enough. Or involved enough. I don't want to turn away getting to know girls that want to be part of something outside of what they deal with in high school every day, something positive and safe. I am still striving to offer more; to be more myself. And so, I am doing away with the idea of exclusive. If you want to join my program (or photography family as I like to call it), you can. Simply. 

Yes, there is more to it than that!



{What is a Brand Ambassador?}

As a small business, my biggest form of marketing is through word-of-mouth advertising. And as a brand, my biggest influence on a market is you. As a Brand Ambassador (or representative) for Nicole Pfeiffer Photography, you will be the face and voice for my business in your school. My biggest hope is for you to love your experience with me (and your photos of course) and WANT that for your friends too!

I am looking to work with girls (and their families) who believe in my work, want to work with me and want to refer people they know to me! Plain and simple! I am looking to work with girls who want to create new friendships, who want get away from all the petty high school drama and be involved with other girls who want the same. Girls who want to feel like themselves around a group of girls that are also looking to become comfortable in their own skin. I want to work with girls who want more out of the friendships they have, who are in the beginning, middle or end of figuring out their life, and who are looking for a trusted mentor (that's meeee). I am looking to work with girls who want to give back, either to their community or to an organization that needs it! (volunteering as a group at animal shelters is my favorite) As a Brand Ambassador, you will be investing in me as your senior photographer, but you are offered additional opportunities that regular clients are not offered. We plan get-togethers, community events, and you receive referral bonuses. This program is of course to help spread the word about my business, but at it's core, it's about being a space for girl's to grow and help others grow. A place for empowered women to empower other women. Even if that sounds cheesy, it's needed in this world. And I am certainly OK with cheesy!

I announce details over winter break (December/January) of your Junior year. You will be emailed a link that goes over what my program offers and the cost involved and if you want to join, there will be a link to fill out an application. The application will provide me contact information and some basics about you. You will be sent a contract to confirm you'd like to join.

If you are looking for more details and to apply, please use my CONTACT ME form!

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