the experience

A new experience is on it's way in 2019!

I am a soul-searching, dream-chasing, nature-loving TRAVEL photographer - who specializes in high school seniors and their families!

Over the past 9 years, I have built a thriving studio in Howell. But the hippy-at-heart, hair always in a messy bun, veggie eating, animal loving, wishing I was a west-coast girl part of me has been searching for more than where these roots have planted me. And so, with my husband and our three cats, I bought a bus in 2018 to call home. Yes, like a school bus, that we are refurbishing into a super cute house on wheels. By the end of 2019 (fingers crossed), we will be traveling full time! So this may or may not be my last full-time summer in Michigan! 

Giving up a studio you put your blood, sweat and tears into to move into a bus AND still run a business might seem crazy-bonkers to some, but you have this one, short life to live and I believe in living it. I believe in waking up each morning excited to just be alive and I am blessed to call something I love a career - no matter where I live. So even with this huge life-change happening as I type this, I still have a business to run. So what kind of experience can you expect from me if I don't have a studio space anymore... pretty much the same experience.

Once we've chatted and we give each other a virtual hug because you want to hire me, I will email you an online contract to sign and book your session date. Two weeks before your session, you will be emailed a digital magazine that walks you through every step of working with me - what to expect, how to prepare and even a what to wear guide!

The day of your session, if we are shooting in Howell and you book hair/makeup, you will come to my cute rental house to be professionally spoiled with professional hair/makeup and treats! If we are shooting outside of Howell and you book hair/makeup, she will arrive at your home about 1 hour before our session. Professional hair and makeup not only allows you not to worry about making sure these things look good the day of your session, it also photographs for better contrast and highlights. If you don't book hair/makeup, we will meet at a location in the city we are shooting in! There are a handful of cities I shoot in frequently (like Howell, Brighton, Northville, Dexter and Ann Arbor), but you are more than welcome to invite me to your favorite spots as well to make your session even more personal to you. My assistant and I will take care of you the entire session so that you and your mom (or whoever joins our girl-gang for the day) can enjoy just being in the moment together. I have a pop-up changing room for easy wardrobe changes (nobody likes fast food bathrooms) and I make sure to bring lots of water and snacks for the ride. If we ride together, you will be able to look at all your images on the back of the camera as we drive from location to location. I trust in my skills enough to show you just how naturally beautiful you are without photoshop touch ups. This also allows you to give me feedback and feel confident in knowing I am capturing exactly who you are!

About 2 weeks after you purchase your Digital Collection, you will be mailed a super fancy, looks-like-a-perfume-bottle rose gold flash drive of your images with a print release. AND a custom mobile phone app for easy sharing on the go! The number of images you receive will be based on the digital collection you purchase. I also offer in-home product ordering for free if you would like to order professional products in addition through me! (I will bring samples with me to your session)

I walk you through every step of your experience with me. Start to finish, I'll be like your big sis for a few months, funny memes included. Also, some pretty nice photos.