the experience

A new experience is on it's way in 2019!

I am a soul-searching, dream-chasing, nature-loving TRAVEL photographer - who specializes in high school seniors and their families!

Over the past 9 years, I have built a thriving studio in Howell. But the hippy-at-heart, hair always in a messy bun, veggie eating, animal loving, wishing I was a west-coast girl part of me has been searching for more than where these roots have planted me. And so, with my husband and our three cats, I bought a bus in 2018 to call home. Yes, like a school bus, that we are refurbishing into a super cute house on wheels. By the end of 2019 (fingers crossed), we will be traveling full time! So this may or may not be my last full-time summer in Michigan! 

Giving up a studio you put your blood, sweat and tears into to move into a bus AND still run a business might seem crazy-bonkers to some, but you have this one, short life to live and I believe in living it. I believe in waking up each morning excited to just be alive and I am blessed to call something I love a career - no matter where I live. 

Once we've chatted and we give each other a virtual hug because you want to hire me, I will email you an online contract to sign and book your session date. Two weeks before your session, you will be emailed a digital magazine that walks you through every step of working with me - what to expect, how to prepare and even a what to wear guide!

About 2 weeks after you purchase your Digital Collection, you will be mailed a super fancy, looks-like-a-perfume-bottle rose gold flash drive of your images with a print release. AND a custom mobile phone app for easy sharing on the go! The number of images you receive will be based on the digital collection you purchase. I also offer in-home product ordering for free if you would like to order professional products in addition through me! (I will bring samples with me to your session)

I walk you through every step of your experience with me. Start to finish, I'll be like your big sis for a few months, funny memes included. Also, some pretty nice photos.