the experience

I am not a traditional artist. I don't find a challenge in taking traditional photographs. I want you to jump in the water in your prom dress, I want you to bring a sibling along to take horribly funny pics with, I want you to be your unfiltered self for a few hours. That doesn't mean I won't take the standard photograph of you smiling; it means I will shine as a photographer by doing more than that. And your images will be more memorable because of it.

I lean towards vintage and fashion styling with a bold feminine vibe. I have a love for black and white images with moody emotion, sun-flares at dawn and unexpected laughs that show your true self. I believe in spending a few hours with someone, but really getting to know them. And I believe in the photograph. I believe in being able to hold a physical print and look through a well-made album. I believe in art.

This is so much more than just getting your senior pictures taken... this is an experience. From the moment that you choose me as your photographer, I kinda become like an older sister. (but an older sister that you get along with and who totally gets you) Starting about one month before your session, you will receive a gold package in the mail (who doesn't love getting REAL mail right!) filled with goodies, including a magazine exclusive to only my seniors, packed full of information about your session and wardrobe styling! I am here to help you learn what clothing options work best for your skin tone, your body shape and the locations you prefer. I can even come to your home and help go through your closet if you want in-person styling help.

The day of your session, you will be treated to professional hair styling and airbrush makeup right at my studio! This not only ensures a fresh face, but allows you a stress-free morning not having to worry about your hair and makeup. We shoot fun Snapchat videos as a reminder of how goofy you actually are. And I am one of the only photographers in MI that offers the option of shooting real video the day of your session. Memories aren't just made in the final image, with a pretty picture. They are captured in the way we smile, the sound of our laugh and the quirky things that make us unique. These are things your mom wants to cherish and remember. We will drive to various locations and follow the sun until it disappears. We will have an adventure - a group of girls driving around and taking pics wherever we find good light, taking horrible selfies and hoping to not have the cops called on us - we will be wild and free.

Two weeks after your session, your images will be ready for your Premiere Ordering Session. This experience is also so much more than just what happens the day of your session. You will be presented with 35-50 of the best images in my studio, on a large flat-screen TV, while your mom cries at the beautiful woman you've become. I am here to help you look through your images and choose what might work best for grandma, what size image would fit best in your parent's living room or help pick out what images make great wallets. I don't offer a CD of digital images for you to sort through and figure out on your own, I offer a full hand-held service for you to experience and remember.